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Version 0.5

This version is the first public release after the defense of my Masters Thesis. This version offers a gret deal of new functionality.
  • Support for external URI as body of annotation
  • Special treatment for "SeeAlso" annotation type.
  • Partial implementation of The Annotea Bookmark Schema
  • Added loading- and memory indicators in the statusbar.
  • Enabled more than one frame (for launching additional browser windows)

Version 0.4

Private release - nothing to note on the client side. The project was restructured to use Ant. I also heavily refactored the package structure and names throughout the project.
  • Ported project environment to Ant
  • Heavy refactoring of package structure and names

Version 0.3

This version was the final release submitted for my Masters Thesis project.
  • Ported from make to Ant
  • Heavy refactoring of package structure and names
  • Enabled more than one frame (for additional browser windows)

Version 0.2


Version 0.1

The very first version of Janno. Actually this release just contained the classes for communicating with annotation servers. There were no user interface elements in this release. The release was kind of a library for the Janno user interface to utilize

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