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Welcome, you have reached the home of Janno. Janno is an application developed as my M. Sc. Thesis project at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The project is supervised by Michael Rose at the Center for Tele-Information (CTI). These pages contains relevant information about the project such as access to the application itself, various document information and links to related information. Partly to publish associated information and partly to aid my daily work with a central point to often used information.


Janno is an annotation client for the W3C Annotea project. Janno is written in Java J2SE 1.3.1_04 and deployed through Java WebStart (see Start below). The name Janno is constructed from the two words Java and annotation.


Janno is developed for the Java2 platform. Thus Janno needs a Java2 Runtime Environment and Java Web Start. Janno is developed using Java 2 version 1.3.1_04 and testet on this platform with Java Web Start version 1.0.1_02. A quick test suggests that Janno also will run using Java2 version 1.4.1 RC (with Java Web Start 1.2RC).


You can start the latest version of Janno by clicking the top-right, red button included on all headers of these pages.

About these pages

These pages are offendingly simple. They are pure static HTML pages completely integrated in the development project. A fairly simple ant build script sees to that the build information like version- and build number is inserted and then published to the web-server.

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